Everyone heard about "cloud". But how cloud can be usefull for gamers?

Our RemotrCloud platform is using cloud in many different ways - as a computing power, as storage capabilities, as networking provided by many endpoints etc. But what is more important RemotrCloud is a cloud itself. A cloud providing game streaming service to enduser.

Using RemotrCloud a gamer don't have to worry about:

  • computing power (including graphics processing) - platform is providing CPU and GPU power enough to handle a highend game;
  • storage speed and size - platform is based on very fast and large capacity drives;
  • device he is using - there are many clients for RemotrCloud platform (including Windows, macOS, Android, Chrome browser and more);
  • downloading files, patches, fixes, drivers, updates for a game or an OS - RemotrCloud platform is always up-to-date with the latest software;

Vortex Cloud Gaming

Vortex.gg is our technology demo - full worldwide deployment of RemotrCloud technology stack. Try it today and see how future of gaming looks like.