Internet providers are currently offering 100Mbps, 300Mbps and even 1Gbps Interent connection speed. What does it mean and why you cannot use full bandwidth?


Path between your PC or mobile device and the server with content you want to watch is build not only on kilometers of wire or fiber cable but also on tens if not hundred smaller devices called routers and switches. Each element on the path is increasing latency. And increased latency is decreasing how much data you can receive.

Internet service providers are only guaranteeing data transfer to the closest server not the connection speed with every place in the world.

How can I check my real speed

If you want to check how you real Internet speed to Vortex Cloud Gaming service is you need to check the speed and latency from your home to the following data centers:

  • Europe/London
  • Europe/Warsaw
  • Europe/Frankfurt
  • Europe/Gravelines
  • Europe/Strasburg
  • Europe/Milan
  • Asia/Singapore
  • USA/New York
  • USA/Miami
  • USA/Dallas
  • USA/Los Angeles
  • Mexico/QuerĂ©taro
  • Brazil/Sao Paulo

You can use service to check your Internet.

What is also worth mentioning - some Internet service providers are prioritizing traffic to speed test sites so you will get much better results than with other services you want to run.